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i judge very, very harshly.
Revealing Eden - Victoria Foyt Wha...what the FUCK is this?Is this some twisted, perverted white supremacy fantasy? What the fuck? Black people are Coals? WHITE PEOPLE ARE PEARLS? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? Black men are beasts? What? No, what? I cannot...i do not...i just don't...comprehend...HOW!?How was this published? How was this idea born? How did anyone receive this and think "I am going to released this unto the world!"? How did someone white think "You know what we need? A book where whites are oppressed! Yeah, that'll show them!" Where did the inspiration come from? How did anyone ever? How? HOW? I am literally sitting here, reading and re-reading the summary and just screaming FUCK aloud. I'm sure my neighbors think i just cut my own arm off, which is what i'd rather do than ever, EVER, go near something like THIS.And do i even have to go into the special white oppressed protagonist Pearl being named Eden? Do i really have to do that? Not even going to TALK about the serious issues Victoria must have inside her mind. I pity her, i do. What i'm wondering is how any publisher in their right mind thought that this was a good idea.