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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare My whole feelings for this book is just this: I don't caaaaaaaare.I don't care about the Magister or what happens to anyone anymore. I don't care what happens to Will or Jem or Tessa. I don't care about the plot. I don't care about the Institute. The most interesting thing in this whole book was Jessamine, and she had, what, three lines? The first book was great. The second book was okay. This is just...just bleh. I think Cassie could have done well writing ONE book as a prequel, but three? She couldn't pull it off. The characters were all very OOC. The plot was boring. All the supposedly suspenseful happenings weren't really suspenseful because of course Jem wouldn't die and of course Tessa hooks up with them both and of course they win and of course, of course, of course. So predictable it hurt me. It hurt me to read any of it. I cringed. The writing was alright, as usual. Whatever. If it wasn't i wouldn't even read anything of Cassie's. But what she actually wrote was a huge, huge disappointment. Let's start with Jem. Ugh, Jem. I liked you a lot. Man, i really did. Not as much as Will, but whatever. You and i were chill. How in the name of the good Lord Satan did you BECOME HUMAN ONCE MORE? NO! STOP! I don't care if it's just lore that she hadn't before mentioned, i don't care that i have no say in what happens in this world or not, i don't care, i don't care, i don't caaaaaare (see above.) First of all, he plainly stated he wouldn't be a Silent Brother. No, saying he would never! Ever! Be a Silent Brother and then later becoming one isn't a plot twist. It's a sloppy attempt at keeping a dying character from dying just so your fans don't boycott your writing. But whatever, him being a Brother i can deal with. Him becoming human again? FUCK! UGH it just makes me angry again, and i finished that 20$ novel weeks and weeks ago. He only became human for both Jessa and Wessa to happen. You can tell me until your gums bleed that that isn't true, that that is just my angry irrationality talking, Cassie herself could come to my front door and deliver a speech as to why that is not so. It just is. It. Just. Is. Why did i care about these characters in the first two? What happened in the third to set me off? Was it the fandom? Was it that i had to fight to stay awake? What was it?And WHY is everyone saying how heartbreaking it is? If you read CP2 and think to yourself how hard it is to be a fan of this series, suck it up and stop complaining. All your favorite characters are alive. Both Wessa and Jessa happened. Everything is resolved. Try reading Harry Potter. Try. Reading. Game. Of. Thrones.I am so done with this book. So done with Cassie. I know i will be reading her other work but i am so, so tired. I have a headache just thinking about it. I am done.